Dartom is actively involved in supporting sport both regionally and country-wide. Sport clubs and disciplines supported by Dartom:


TUR BOOGORIA Grodzisk Mazowiecki - a top team in the Polish table tennis Premier League. Runners up in the Poland 2007 league.


Klub Motorowy Ostrów Wielkopolski - Dartom has sponsored this top Premier League team since 2005.


Nieobliczalni Grodzisk Mazowiecki - an amateur soccer team playing football sixes matches organised by the Amateur Sports Association of Grodzisk Maz.


Dartom supports the following charities and foundations:

  • Fundacja Osób Niepełnosprawnych Ruchowo "Godne Życie"
  • "Towarzystwo Przyjaci Dzieci" foundation
  • Children's home in Solec n/Wisłą
  • "Bezpieczne Miasto" association in w Grodzisku Mazowiecki

Apart from financing organisations we constantly support local cultural events and take part in a number of charity actions.